This web site was designed to show the woodwork of Russ McAnulty. This 40-year hobby has turned into a passion. Most people have careers and retire. Russ retired and started a career in woodworking. Russ builds furniture, turns unique vessels, as well as, carves caricatures.

Russ has received training in many areas of woodworking. His first extensive training came when he spent two years working evenings, weekends and summers with a retired cabinetmaker. He took classes and carved with “The Caricature Carvers of America” during four of their yearly programs in the Sacramento area. Russ attended the 2006-07 school year at the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program, which was started by James Krenov. This program refined his skills of building fine furniture. He has also attended several classes at Craft Supplies in Provo, Utah, to improve his turning skills. Much of his creativity and knowledge has come from reading, watching others and listening. Comments from satisfied customers have been the inspiration to keep building. Russ likes to use the woods of northern California to build one of a kind pieces of furniture. He especially enjoys building Maloof styled rocking chairs that was inspired by spending time with Sam Maloof in his shop in Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. It is Russ’s desire to build furniture that will last a lifetime and become heirloom pieces for future generations. He also enjoys the simple things in life, such as, seeing the look on someone’s face when they realize that some of his carvings are actually real golf balls.

Please take the time to look through the photo gallery of his woodwork. (The gallery will be updated periodically.) If there is a design that captures your interest, it can be recreated for you. If you have a design idea of your own, we can collaborate and design that special one of a kind piece. Please contact me.